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To get your Cisco IP phone to work with a system like FreePBX, you will need to update it with new firmware, update the XML files, all via a TFTP server.

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XML configuration

All four of these need to be loaded up to your TFTP root.


  • change the name and replace the XX with the phone's MAC address
    • each phone will need it's own SEP file.
  • edit the following lines:
    • 3: Change to your SSH username
    • 4: Change to your SSH password
    • 8: Change to your local time zone
    • 11: Change to your PBX's IP address
    • 90: Starting on 91, your can select to 116 and paste at 117 then modify to add in another line for multi-line phones
    • 98: Change to your extension
    • 97: Change to your extension
    • 102: Change to the authorization name for this extension from your PBX, usually just the extension number
    • 103: Change to the authorization password for this extension from your PBX
    • 129: change this to the name of your .load file from the firmware update.
    • 130-142: various settings, 0 to enable 1 to disable. Each line has a description in the actual file
  • REMOVE ALL THE <!-- parts just to be sure, Cisco phones are very touchy


  • The file in the ZIP is specific tailored to FreePBX
  • you can modify the MATCH and TIMEOUT:
    • 1... for extensions that start with 1 and have 4 digits total
    • .... for anything that has 4 digits
    • ... for three digits
    • TIMEOUT is in seconds, and it the time the phone will wait for additional digits before it sends to the PBX
  • The one in the ZIP is for 4 digit extensions starting with 1.


  • I added line 21 with the correct name of the firmware load file.
  • If you use a different firmware, change this to the new name.


  • This shouldn't need any changes

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  • Unpack the files from Cisco, and copy them to your TFPT root directory. There should be seven files:
    • cvm42sip.9-4-2ES26.sbn
    • jar42sip.9-4-2ES26.sbn
    • dsp42sip.9-4-2ES26.sbn
    • apps42sip.9-4-2ES26.sbn
    • cnu42sip.9-4-2ES26.sbn
    • term62.default.loads
    • term42.default.loads
    • SIP42.9-4-2SR3-1S.loads
  • Drop off your edited XLM.CNF files into the TFTP root directory

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Reflashing phone

Now you need to reflash the phone.

  • Reset the phone
    • Disconnect the power from the phone
    • Hold # down while powering phone back up. The three buttons for headswet, mic off, and speakerphone will flash green, then the two line buttons will alternate yellow.
    • while it is flashing yellow, type out "123456789*0#" on the keypad, it should reboot and go into a screen that shows it downloading the firmware and files.
    • You should also see, in the SolarWinds TFTP console, the files being downloaded.
  • The phone will reboot again, and should "register" with the PBX server now.

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