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  • Two SIP IP phones


  • Two PCs with SIP softphone (like Zoipher) installed

OR a combo of the above

  • Free SIP DID from IPComms
  • PC/VM with Elastix installed

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Elastix Setup

  • nano /etc/host : add in IP, name, and name.domain to stop Asterix re-start log errors
  • nano /etc/asterisk/sip_general_custom.conf and delete the allowedguest=no
    • this will be added in below
  • use GUI to edit sip.conf and add:
    • tlsenable=yes
    • tcpbindaddr=
    • allowguest=no
    • tcpenable=yes
  • Extensions:
    • make all extension passwords unique and complex
    • set transport to: All - TCP primary
    • permit: (change to your internal IP and netmask)

IPComms setup

  • You will need to add a SIP trunk, inbound route (if you want the DID to ring on a line) and outbound route (for the extensions to use)

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  • External URL name 1
    • External URL link 1

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