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In SonicOS, each server must have an Address Object associated with it's IP.

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  • Log into the SonicWall Admin GUI
  • Network
  • Address Objects
  • Scroll down to Address Objects
  • Click Add, a small window will pop up
    • Give a friendly name.
    • Choose the zone. For an external IP, use WAN. For a DMZ server, choose DMZ. For a static device, choose LAN (or the appropriate zone)
    • Choose a type.
      • Host: a single server or static device
      • Network: for a vlan, separate IP internal subnet, etc
      • Range: IP block/CIDR, etc.
      • MAC: you can assign a MAC address for non-IP routing
      • FQDN: input a fully qualified domain name, this also requires correct DNS resolution.
    • Input the IP Address(s) or other info.
      • Server or static device: input a single IP
      • Range: Starting and ending IP
      • Network: The dot 0 address and your netmask
  • Click Add, then Close

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Example subnetted network:

  • Name: DMZ range
  • Zone Assignment: DMZ
  • Type: Network
  • Network:
  • Netmask:

Example, internal server:

  • Name: Web Server
  • Zone Assignment: DMZ
  • Type: Host
  • IP:

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