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  • Using Rufus, make a bootable USB stick from the downloaded ISO
  • Boot your host using this USB stick
  • Allow it to boot into the ESXi installer (PIC 1)
  • You will see this next (PIC 2)
  • Hit Enter at the Welcome Screen (PIC 3)
  • Hit F11 to "Accept and Continue"
  • Hit Enter to install on selected disk device (Local)
  • Select your keyboard
  • Enter your root password. WRITE THIS DOWN
  • It will ask to Confirm Install, hit F11 to continue
  • You will now get a progress bar during the install (PIC 4)
  • Once this is done, you will get the "Installation Complete" screen. Remove the boot USB and hit enter (PIC 5)
  • It will boot back up, but in DHCP mode, so hit F2 to change this. (PIC 5)
  • Enter your root password you set before
  • Update the following settings:
    • Configure Management Network
      • Update the "IP Configuration"
      • Hit the down arrow, then space, then down arrow again and enter the static IP
      • DNS Configuration
      • Hit Enter, then go down to Hostname and change it
    • Hit Escape, and then "Y" to confirm and restart management network (PIC 6)
  • The host part is now finished, and this lab host is ready to you. On your desktop, browse to the IP and clock the link "Download VSphere Client" and install that to manage your new host.

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