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Via Wizard: Immediately after the WSUS Role installation is done, the Windows Server Update Services Configuration Wizard will launch.

  • Hit Next at the Before You Begin page
  • Microsoft Update Improvement Program: If you wish, checkbox the Join Improvement Program and click Next
  • Choose Upsteam Server: If this is the main or first WSUS, leave the "Connect to Microsoft" as the default and click Next.
  • Specify Proxy Server: If your using a proxy for internet access, enter that information here and click Next. If not, just click Next. This will take quite some time for the initial connection as WSUS will be retrieving a large amount of languages, applications, etc.
  • Choose Languages: It will default with whatever the server's language is. If you need others, select them here. Hit Next when done
  • Choose Products: This is a very long list, but will determine how much disk space is used. Click Next.
  • Choose Classifications: Critical Updates, Definition Updates, and Security Updates are usually preselected. Choose others if you need, and click Next.
  • Configure Sync Schedule: You need to select an automatic time, usually late at night every day. Click Next
  • Finished: Checkbox the Begin initial synchronization, then click Finish.

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