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Approve and Deploy

To approve and deploy WSUS updates

  • On the WSUS Administration Console, click Updates. In the right pane, an update status summary is displayed for All Updates, Critical Updates, Security Updates, and WSUS Updates.
  • In the All Updates section, click Updates needed by computers.
  • In the list of updates, select the updates that you want to approve for installation in your test computer group. Information about a selected update is available in the bottom pane of the Updates panel. To select multiple contiguous updates, hold down the SHIFT key while clicking the update names. To select multiple noncontiguous updates, press down the CTRL key while clicking the update names.
  • Right-click the selection, and then click Approve.
  • In the Approve Updates dialog box, select your test group, and then click the down arrow.
  • Click Approved for Install, and then click OK.
  • The Approval Progress window appears, which shows the progress of the tasks that affect update approval. When the approval process is complete, click Close.



Configure auto-approval rules

  • In the WSUS Administration Console, under Update Services, expand the WSUS server, and then click Options. The Options window opens.
  • In Options, click Automatic Approvals. The Automatic Approvals dialog opens.
  • In Update Rules, click New Rule. The Add Rule dialog opens.
  • In Add Rule, in Step 1: Select Properties, select any single option, or combination of options from the following:
    • When an update is in a specific classification
    • When an update is in a specific product
    • Set a deadline for the approval
  • In Step 2: Edit the properties, click each of the options listed, and then select the appropriate options for each.
  • In Step 3: Specify a name, type a name for your rule, and then click OK.
  • Click OK to close the Automatic Approvals dialog.